"To the management of imprés,

I wanted to thank and compliment you on the wonderful salonspa and staff that you have. I worked for seven years in David Wagner's Juut Salonspa (an Aveda spa) in downtown Minneapolis. I have also lived in Italy for four years, and in all my travels haven't run across a place that gives quite the same level and quality of service as Juut until now. Impres is not only beautiful and soothing to be in, but the care you take in selecting and keeping your employees really shows.

I only found out about imprés a few months ago. I currently live in Grayling while going to nursing school, and my parents retired in the same area. Being used to big cities, I was in despair about finding a great hairstylist in the area. A web search turned up your site, I chose Brooke based on the fact that she is an educator as well as stylist, and she gave me one of the best cuts I've ever had. I was truly impressed (no pun intended) with your lovely salonspa at that time, and recommended it to my mother, who went to Becca for a cut and color, and loved it.

My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. She's now post-mastectomy and about to start a particularly nasty course of chemotherapy, followed by radiation. Her days are filled with doctor visits, tests, and worry. We decided to turn one of the Traverse City doctor trips into a good day by booking facials. I also had a haircut by Brooke (excellent as usual) and my mother had a manicure.

All of the services were superb, but I cannot express how wonderful the facials were. I am a former massage therapist and tend to critique any type of bodywork that I get, and am usually disappointed. The Impres facials have all the extras that I became used to at Juut--hot towels and foot and hand massage, for example. Teresa gave me my facial, and it was one of the best that I have ever had--the same was true for my mother. Our skin looked and felt wonderful, but more importantly we relaxed for the first time in what seems like months. It was a nurturing, healing experience that made a tremendous difference in our lives that day. On the way home all we could talk about is how wonderful our spa visit was (and how great my hair looked). Last night I slept well for the first time in weeks.

From the moment that we walked into the door to the time that we left, we felt nurtured, surrounded by beauty, and safe from the ugly realities of the rest of the day. The words that kept coming to mind at the time were "oasis" and "sanctuary". To me, this is exactly what a truly great day spa is designed to do, and you have achieved it. Wonderful, high-quality services, superb staff, lovely surroundings...Impres is truly a stellar establishment. Thank you all for replenishing two weary spirits, and for helping to create a pleasant memory for my mother and myself. " 

-- Wendy C.

"Dear Sandra,

I just want to thank you for donating the wigs to me to cover my head after my head was shaved for surgery. The wigs will be used quite a bit. It looks like I will have to have one maybe two more surgeries. So the wigs will be getting a lot of use and it is also given me back my dignity. It is very difficult to walk around with your head half shaved with a large incision going through it. You have taken those stares away. I just can't express enough how much you have helped me. I pray that God will repay your blessing with a blessing even bigger to you one day. You just don't know how you helped me. I also want you to know that you were the only one that would help when I asked many places. You truly are a one of a kind. All my love to you and Rachel for helping me. P.S. Rachel was a real sweet girl to help me like she did. She went above and beyond. What she had to. So God bless Rachel."

-- Laurel A.

"I just wanted to tell you that all areas of your salon are so professional and the healing touch is better for my mind, body and soul than any medication. I am buying gift certificates for my sister and friends and encouraging my husband and son to experience these services. The healing touch is so powerful!"

-- Diane N.

"If everyone took this (herbal body wrap), no one would ever go to the hospital. This could become habit forming!"

-- Deborah D.

"On behalf of the WEDO (Women's Economic Development Organization) Board of Directors and the participants in our recent Spa Night at imprés Salon, I want to thank you for your gracious hospitality and the wonderful service you gave to our members. Everyone who attended found the event very relaxing, fun and delightful! Many of us had not yet been to your new salon and it was a great opportunity for us to experience the wonderful expansion of services you now provide, along with admiring the lovely décor!"

-- Julie F., WEDO Executive Secretary

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