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We are now resuming normal scheduling proceedures!

within our new guidelines, of course :)

What a crazy couple of weeks this has been! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all your patience, understanding, and kind words while we worked out all the kinks and made over 2,500 phone calls!

We are all through our call list of missed reservations from over the closure, as well as our wait list that built up while working through the missed reservations. Thank you for bearing with us while we tackled all of that and know that our wonderful team of guest service directors did their very best to stay organized and complete all the expected calls. With that said, if you feel you were missed and did not receive an expected call, please let us know right away. 

Moving forward with scheduling, we would like our guests to know that we are scheduled out for several weeks for hair services, but nail and spa services are a little more available at this time. So if you call for hair services, especially for longer services such as color and foils, it may take a few weeks to get on the schedule. However, we are still keeping a cancellation list as things do sometimes change in the schedule unexpectedly.

Thank you again for your outpouring of love, support, and loyalty and we hope to see you soon!


updated 7.3.20



We will be resuming services Wednesday, June 10th! But please keep reading for further details...

We are so excited to be getting back to work! However, we have so many things to coordinate, so please be patient with us as we make sure our team is ready and our facility is ready! 

PLEASE NOTE: we will start reaching out to guests to reschedule starting Monday, June 8th, so please do not reach out to us beforehand as it will only create more confusion as to who we've talked to and who we haven't. We will be contacting guests in the order of missed reservations starting March 17th. We will also be sending out an email with all the guidelines to keep everything running smoothly and safely, so if you are not currently on our email list, please sign up here

Thank you to all our wonderful guests that have shared your positivity and encouragement throughout this difficult time and we simply cannot wait to start making you feel and look amazing again!

updated 6.5.20

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Services will resume June 10th!

We will resume normal business hours June 10th! See details here.

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